William M. Cannon

CITATION TO ACCOMPANY THE AWARD OF THE DISTINGUISHED FLYING CROSS TO WILLIAM M. CANNON Master Sergeant William M. Cannon distinguished himself by extraordinary achievement under combat conditions as a C-130 Tactical Loadmaster at Bo Duc and Con Thien, Republic of Vietnam, from 23 through 26 August 1967. During that period, Sergeant Cannon participated in the aerial e-supply of munitions and supplies into the embattled areas. On one such mission, a malfunction was apparent in the extraction parachute system of a low altitude parachute extraction system type airdrop. Sergeant Cannon analyzed and corrected the problem in less than one minute, allowing for a successful airdrop. Due to Sergeant Cannon’s ability to analyze and correct the malfunction in the minimum of time, another attempt to airdrop the supplies under hostile fire was averted. His true professionalism and ability to act quickly under pressure were the prime factors in the success of each sortie. In all, Sergeant Cannon and his crew airdropped over 150,000 pounds of vitally needed supplies. The professional competence, aerial skill and devotion to duty displayed by Sergeant Cannon reflect great credit upon himself and the United States Air Force.